libgdx-utils 0.4.0

libgdx-utils 0.4.0 is released. Most changes are subtle but here's a list of some more notable ones.

Breaking Changes

  • AnnotationAssetManager.Asset.type() was renamed to value().
    This means that you have to change every occurrence of @Asset(type = Foo.class) with @Asset(Foo.class).
    Same goes for @Asset(type = Foo.class, load = false) which now is @Asset(value = Foo.class, load = false)

  • Accessor is now called Function to mimic Java 8's API.
    Note that the generics are swapped (<return type>, <arg type> instead of Java 8's <arg type>, <return type>), so that still differs (no action required though).

New Stuff

  • Popup
  • PositionedPopup
  • ContextMenu - basically shows an Actor on right click

What's Next

I should write some wiki articles for the new classes (contribution is welcome).

I'm thinking about something like a ContextMenuBuilder for quickly creating classic text context menus using the new ContextMenu class.
For a classic context menu you currently have to group a bunch of Labels and add another ContextMenu to each of them that should get a submenu.

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