libgdx-utils 0.5.0

libgdx-utils 0.5.0 is out. There are several additions but also a major refactoring.

Breaking Changes

I'm sorry, but I renamed all packages to match those of libGDX. This means you will have to reimport everything. It took like 10 minutes for my test project (which is rather big) so I think it's still reasonable enough.

MathUtils, GeometryUtils and ArrayUtils have been split into two classes each. There is one in the net.dermetfan.utils.* and one in the net.dermetfan.gdx.* package.
Why? The classes in net.dermetfan.utils.* are supposed not to depend on libGDX. The halfs in the gdx package extend the ones in the utils package so it's enough to import one.
The halfs in the utils package now also have overloaded methods that accept offset and length parameters for working with arrays. But I can't explain that all here, just check it out when you need it.

Maybe also some other things but the compiler will tell you ;)

New Stuff
  • CircularGroup - aligns children in a circle, draggable with the mouse (pretty cool)
  • Box2DPolygonSprite - like Box2DSprite but for PolygonRegions

Other Changes

Some performance improvements, bug fixes, ... The usual things.

Now What

I still have to write a wiki page for ContextMenu and now also CircularGroup.
The ContextMenuBuilder is still just an idea.

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