libgdx-utils 0.9.0

A new libgdx-utils version arrived: 0.9.0. What happened to 0.7.x/0.8.x you ask? Well they were released but not interesting enough to write about. Enough for the introduction, let's get to business:

Breaking Changes

The minor version number was incremented so I somehow broke your game again. Since the last version I wrote something about was 0.6.0 I'm going to list stuff that breaks if you upgrade from 0.6.0 to 0.9.0.

Tooltip and ContextMenu

The whole popup system was remade. Tooltip and ContextMenu don't exist anymore. Instead you create tooltips using a Popup with a TooltipBehavior.

It's probably a good idea to write some static factory methods that  simply return a finished popup if you don't want to assemble a Popup from all its Behaviors every time you need one. To understand what I just said and for a complete explanation of the new system read the javadoc. You may ask yourself why I chose this system where you can't just say new Tooltip(). Simple reason: Flexibility. You want to create a menu bar that behaves just like a context menu except it shows on left click instead of right click? The context menu should show up on the left side of the pointer? Just pop in another Behavior.

Good News

  • no more incompatibilities with GWT (AnnotationAssetManager is GWT compatible!)

So uh... I was going to write more but nothing comes to my mind. I probably forgot something. Honestly I just want to release this thing now. I'm going to edit this page if I remember something I didn't mention later.

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